Too good to waste

Food waste is a large and largely unresolved problem in any developed country and it affects every step of the supply chain between farm and fork. No matter where you look at, statistics are downright alarming.

The world produces a lot more food than it did 30 years ago, yet almost half of it never reaches our mouths.

A colossal amount of surplus food is wasted everyday inside supermarkets, and another 20% of all food produced never make it to the shelves.

At The Honest Counter we think it’s simply not right that food that is safe for human consumption goes to waste. Saving food is good for our communities, our country and our planet. 

That’s why we periodically slash prices on selected food items:

  • ‘Odd Bunch’: a range of not quite perfect vegetables. Different in shape, size, and color, sometimes crooked, curvy or undersized, yet delicious and organic. Say no to ugly vegetables discrimination!
  • ‘Off Bunch’: foods nearing their expiration dates, yet perfectly safe and tasty. Did you know most supermarkets pull non-perishable foods out of shelves up to 6 months before the sell-by date?
  • ‘Hit Bunch’: product whose superficial packaging got slightly damaged though the food hasn’t been compromised. This can easily happen during shipping, loading and unloading. Look beyond appearance!


Clearance discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other discount offer, promotion, loyalty/rewards programme.