Spelt Soba, Organic, Clearance

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Spelt Soba, Organic

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EDEN Spelt Soba is made of two supremely energizing and strengthening North American grains, 80% organic spelt wheat, 20% organic whole buckwheat, with a touch of EDEN Sea Salt.

Traditional Cooking Instructions for Japanese Noodles

Soba and Udon can be boiled just like other pasta or you can use a traditional Japanese cooking method which takes a little longer but is well worth it. This method is called the shocking method, cold water is added to boiling water several times during the cooking process creating a firmer, al dente noodle. For this method place 2 quarts of cold water in a large pot, cover, and bring to a boil. Remove the cover, add the noodles, and stir to prevent sticking. As soon as the water comes to a boil again, add enough cold water to stop the water from boiling (about a 1/2 cup). Bring to a boil again, and add cold water again. Repeat one or two additional times until the noodles are done.


80% Organic Spelt Wheat, 20% Organic Whole Buckwheat, Eden Sea Salt

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