Rye Spirals, Organic, 100% Whole Grain, Clearance

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Hardy high plains rye from the Dakotas freshly milled and made into spirals, aka fusilli. Rye thrives in harsh weather and improves depleted soil. It is a superior muscle builder and an excellent source of healthy fiber and folate B9. It provides protein, iron, thiamin B1, niacin B3, and magnesium. Made at the Eden Organic Pasta Company on vintage equipment with brass dies and slowly air dried. Versatile pasta for casseroles, salads, with beans, marinara, cream sauces, or simply tossed with Eden Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh herbs. Packaged in a reclosable, recycled and recyclable box with a tasty recipe and its photo on the back.


Organic Whole Grain Rye

Size: 340 g

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