Organic Baby Rice with Vitamin B1, Clearance

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Organic Wholegrain Baby Rice

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We have developed our organic baby rice to be the perfect way to start introducing your baby to solid food. Mixing it up with your baby’s usual milk means it’ll taste reassuringly familiar and the creamy consistency makes it irresistibly tasty and perfect for tiny tummies.Encouraging your little one to explore taste and texture is great because it helps to build confidence and enjoyment with food as well as being an important milestone in their development. That’s why at Organix, we’ve developed a series of easy to follow stages of which you can see on the side of this pack. If you and your baby are ready to explore more textures why not try adding mashed banana, or try yogurt to make an exceptionally creamy breakfast. Add your own personal touch by mixing with homemade purees of stronger tasting veggies to help develop your baby’s sense of taste.


Rice Flour 100%, Thiamin (Vitamin B1*) <1%, Total 100%. *Thiamin (Vitamin B1) has no Organic certification

Size: 100g

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