5 Times Where Peeling Carrots Isn’t Necessary

Has most of your life been spent peeling carrots before you ate or cooked them simply because that is what you see other people doing, so you did the same thing? If so, you are definitely not alone.

However, you actually don’t ever really need to peel carrots. Unpeeled carrots are delicious and totally safe to eat as long as you wash them and scrub the vegetables well to get rid of any debris and dirt. If they are organic that is even better, so that no harmful pesticides have been absorbed by the flesh or are on the skin of the carrots. The following are five situations where carrots do not need to be peeled.

Unpeeled carrots do not appeal to everyone. Some individuals do not like how carrot skins tastes, claiming that it has a bitter and unpleasant flavor. Unpeeled carrots are also not all that visually appealing, especially when being used in a salad or other kind of uncooked dish.

So the question of whether or not to peel your carrots really comes down to how you are planing on using them.

1. When used to make stock

We frequently use carrot peels to make stock, so if you are adding in chopped carrots, you definitely don’t need to peel this root vegetable. Also, you will be straining them out anyway after your stock has finished simmering.

2. When they are juiced

Whenever you are juicing, you will definitely want to get all of the nutrients you can from your carrots, including all of the great stuff that is right underneath the skin.

3. Whenever carrots are pureed

Whether you are making a carrot cake, carrot puree, dip or creamy soup, no one needs to know whether you peeled the carrots or not before you cooked them.

4. Whenever they are part of a hearty stew

Anytime carrots are mixed in with a rich sauce, heart vegetables and tender meat chunks, you can skip peeling them. Scrub them well, cut them up into chunks, and start cooking.

5. Whenever they are roasted

After your carrots have been roasting a while in the oven, you are going to be too distracted with their roasted, rich flavor to even notice their outer skins.

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